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An exegesis of Romans 13

Jeff Sessions referred to Romans 13 as justification for ripping children from families at the border. Putting aside the insanity of citing the Bible as reason for a governmental policy, I think it’s quite germane to conduct an exegesis of the entirety of Romans 13. Those who quote it to support authoritarianism often cut off the reading of it.

There is nothing wrong with the idea that local cops should not be gathering immigration status information, complicating law enforcement in immigrant communities. Local law enforcement should, however, comply with federal requests to detain or hand over a convicted violent criminal after their time is served in local jail. The problem is targeted, so is the solution. But the Republicans instead sought to force every sheriff in America to be Joe Arpaio. Thankfully, they failed.

Yesterday, I detailed Bernie Sanders' problem with ethnic minorities and the psyche behind what is driving is appeal to white liberals in white liberal cities but keeping minorities on the sidelines. But it gets worse. Sanders' record on guns and his key support for racist vigilante border militia group known as the Minutemen gives us a broader window into the Senator's callous ignorance of race issues at best and his willing disregard of people of color at worst.

Within a week after John Boehner announced that he will sue the President of the United States for acting like the President of the United States, President Obama has decided to up the ante: announcing that he will move on immigration after waiting for Congress to act for more than a year, Obama has laid down a dare to Boehner: go ahead, try and sue me on this, he seems to be saying, and the Latino vote will eat your bacon in November.