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Brilliantly Chosen: With Court Pick, Obama Puts GOP Efforts to Delegitimize His Presidency Front and Center

The liberal blog bubble is down that the President nominated a pragmatist to the Supreme Court. It won't "excite liberals" for the election, they say. The truth is just the opposite: it's GOP attacks on the president's legitimacy that will excite liberals, Democrats and independents, not the ideological stridency of the nominee. In fact, an ideologue pick could have taken a turnout weapon out of our hands.

Self-appointed gatekeepers of progressivism are trying to shut out moderates from the Democratic party the same way the Tea Party made moderate unwelcome in the GOP. Today, this progressive raises his voice in defense of the big tent of the Democratic party, and in defense of moderates.

For everyone who believe in "teaching Democrats a lesson" because President Obama refuses to be the Democratic Bush, ever wonder what could have been accomplished if Republican lies hadn't conspired with Leftist "disappointment" at the president hadn't cost a Republican wave in 2010? What if we gave a higher priority to governing than our ideological checklists? What could the last 3 years have looked like? Here's a picture.