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Republicans are so scared that the Supreme Court would strike down subsidies for the ACA's federal exchanges, creating an election season nightmare for the party seen as taking away existing health care subsidies from millions of red state residents that they are rushing to surrender before the Court even rules. The entire Senate GOP leadership has jumped on board a bill to extend the subsidies to the federal exchanges in case of an adverse Supreme Court ruling.

At what now seems like in the ancient times - but I still remember it like it was yesterday - those of us who believed in and needed health care reform had to fight off wingbats from the Right and ideologues from the Left united on a single point: Obamacare would fail to rein in health care costs, or that it would even accelerate it. In the more than 4 years since, the naysayers have been proven wrong again and again. This week brought new data showing even better news for health care cost growth thanks to Obamacare.

Reports this week indicate that not only is the Affordable Care Act succeeding in reducing the rate of the uninsured in America, it is also reducing health care costs. When ideologues from both sides were screaming that the ACA would fail to contain costs for their own ideological reasons, TPV argued that it had major potential to rein in costs. How do the arguments we made four years ago stack up today?