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The Huffington Post attempts to gin up a fight between Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and President Obama's administration on trade as Left's tradephobes are switching their tactics to scaring people that an investor-state dispute resolution process in the Trans-Pacific Partnership would allow corporations to force countries to roll back (or not enact) public health and safety laws. But the example they present - Philip Morris Asia suing Australia - turns out to be an excellent case in point on how the provision is written differently for American agreements, including the TPP, to specifically and broadly curb such corporate abuses.

Third in a series launched at TPV as an education project on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this part on intellectual property seeks to explore what the US is seeking in TPP. Though concerns about patent abuse can sometimes be well founded, the administration seeks to use this section of the TPP to secure patient access to lifesaving medication as well as to expand the rights of  citizens and journalists.