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The big unions' pure white-as-driven snow leadership is against expanding the rights they enjoy to our central and south American and Asian labor brotheren; this much we already knew. But the AFL-CIO and other big national unions have now gone to a new level of bullying Democrats who may wish to stand with a Democratic president in the nation's history's most progressive trade agenda. And that new level, even a bleeding heart liberal like myself must call out, is nothing short of thuggery, and it will backfire badly on labor if it isn't contained.

Irony-Deficient: Everything "Progressive" Company Challenging President Obama on Trade Sells is Made in Sweatshops

Seemingly immune to irony, CREDO, a self-proclaimed "progressive" phone company that only sells phones made in Asian sweatshops, took on the President as he promoted the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) at the Nike HQ by bringing up Nike's past labor exploits. We explore the hypocrisy, and we explore the role of public policy in thinking differently about trade.

The Huffington Post attempts to gin up a fight between Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and President Obama's administration on trade as Left's tradephobes are switching their tactics to scaring people that an investor-state dispute resolution process in the Trans-Pacific Partnership would allow corporations to force countries to roll back (or not enact) public health and safety laws. But the example they present - Philip Morris Asia suing Australia - turns out to be an excellent case in point on how the provision is written differently for American agreements, including the TPP, to specifically and broadly curb such corporate abuses.

Trade-phobia, which I define to be a form of xenophobia in that it is the irrational fear of losing one's job/culture to people with a different skin color, is at the center of what is largely a liberal opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A similar agreement with Europe is not facing nearly the same scrutiny, and I explore just how trade-phobia came to be the white liberal's favorite form of xenophobia.

This weekend, President Obama struck back at the Left's ideological opponents of trade who seem to be wearing blinders to the fact that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is finally our chance to renegotiate NAFTA and transform to a new paradigm where labor, the environment and human rights are staples of trade, not simply safe-to-ignore side agreements. The President slammed the likes of Elizabeth Warren for questioning his commitment to working people and exposed the lie of a "secret" agreement. Warren and others have scrambled to respond, but have fumbled badly.

Big labor unions and liberal members of Congress have picked a fight against the global expansion of the rights of workers by mounting do-or-die opposition against the Trade Promotion bill moving through Congress that will allow the President to bring the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Congress for an up-or-down vote. In doing so, American labor is displaying key symptoms of its self-inflicted collapse.

Third in a series launched at TPV as an education project on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this part on intellectual property seeks to explore what the US is seeking in TPP. Though concerns about patent abuse can sometimes be well founded, the administration seeks to use this section of the TPP to secure patient access to lifesaving medication as well as to expand the rights of  citizens and journalists.

I think the idea that Robert Reich is now against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the president's "fast track" trade promotion authority is hilarious and exposes Reich for being a GOP-like grifter. You don't? Consider this: this is the same man that happily promoted NAFTA when he was Labor Secretary and subsequently implored Congress to give fast track authority to George W. Bush. Now suddenly he's railing against President Obama's attempt to renegotiate and fix NAFTA in the form of the TPP.