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For years the Republican party has been fixated on the power of the Alpha Male. It really should not come as a surprise that in a recent GOP debate after being accused of having a small hand size that Donald Trump would respond "I guarantee you there's no problem there". Donald Trump has brought the party down to it's most coarse, barbaric, primal and animalistic bottom. In a GOP debate a candidate was actually discussing the size of his manhood.

Today's Republican Party, in Two Stories

I read two stories today that better encapsulate the state of the Republican Party than any I've seen before.

The first is a piece of RW fanfic written from an alternative universe where the GOP is the rightful owner of government, and any elected Democrat is an aberration that must be endured until s/he can be voted out of office.

The second is a news story that has nothing to do with politics, but describes the reality against which the first struggles.

No Quack: Why Barack Obama is Not Done Being the Most Consequential President in Modern US History

When pundits were writing the obituary of the Obama presidency after the Democrats' loss in November's midterms, they badly misjudged this president's tenacity. Not only is Obama not ready to go quietly into the good night, he is well positioned in the last two years in office to do what he has always been about: make big changes and expose the right wing. Let us see why.

This is getting to be a pattern - the GOP can't win presidential elections, and Democrats can't hold their own in midterms. The demographics are undoubtedly shifting to favor Democrats, but we seem to only vote in "sexy" elections (i.e. for president), while Republicans have built an impressive voter base that votes every time. In 2014, Democratic ideas won on the ballot everywhere. Democrats didn't. If Democrats are to stop this death spiral in American politics, Democrats have to stop being ashamed of being Democrats.

Between the open and close of the first Obamacare open enrollment period, the number of adult non-elderly uninsured in this country dropped by nearly 10 million, or a full 5 percentage point. The uninsured rate among adults 19-34 dropped by 10 points, or 5.7 million. And across age, prior insurance status and even party lines, newly insured Americans have a positive opinion of their health care. Despite the media's best efforts to present it in a controversial light, Obamacare naggingly insists on being an unqualified success.