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After facing strong pushback from Black Lives Matter protesters, Bernie Sanders' - and to be more precise, his supporters - progressive ego took some bruising. So they coalesced around this article on Alternet - 20 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights. Problem is, the piece actually consists of 20 tone deaf reiterations of talking points that exemplify a lack of listening and attention to race issues. But hey, Bernie marched and he has black friends. So.

Yesterday, I detailed Bernie Sanders' problem with ethnic minorities and the psyche behind what is driving is appeal to white liberals in white liberal cities but keeping minorities on the sidelines. But it gets worse. Sanders' record on guns and his key support for racist vigilante border militia group known as the Minutemen gives us a broader window into the Senator's callous ignorance of race issues at best and his willing disregard of people of color at worst.

Louisiana GOP Gov. Piyush - sorry, Bobby - Jindal used the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech to lambast multiculturalism, essentially saying that racism would go away if only dark people would act white. Fond of the "melting pot" metaphor but deathly afraid of the "salad bowl", Jindal's message, in his attempt to define a monolithic America, is clear: he may not be the White Supremacists' color, but he'll certainly do his damnest to be their kind.