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For the past two days, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post and MSNBC fame has been trolling President Obama based on CNN's cooked poll. Today's piece, calling the President incompetent, deserves a response. Calling the president who has ended two wars, instituted health care reform, realized the most significant financial reform in living history including the country's first ever federal agency dedicated only to consumer finance, disarmed a middle eastern tyrant without firing a shot, took out America's most wanted terrorist that eluded two previous administrations (one Republican, one Democratic), and managed the program that pulled America out of a Second Great Depression with the precision of a surgeon "incompetent", Cillizza has proven that when it comes to the black guy in the White House, white-privileged media liberals are just as willing o skirt the truth as their counterparts on Fox.

Ukraine: How it Got Harder for Snowden's Russia Story to Pass the Laugh Test

Ed Snowden's defenders have long contended that Snowden (or the people he turned over his stolen treasure trove to) gave the Russians no intelligence in exchange for asylum. Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the wide silence of the anti-war Left in response to it - and in particular one Greenwald cohort's premature celebration of it as anti-American victory, casts more doubt on what was an already-laughable theory.