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Republicans are so scared that the Supreme Court would strike down subsidies for the ACA's federal exchanges, creating an election season nightmare for the party seen as taking away existing health care subsidies from millions of red state residents that they are rushing to surrender before the Court even rules. The entire Senate GOP leadership has jumped on board a bill to extend the subsidies to the federal exchanges in case of an adverse Supreme Court ruling.

Republican activists seem to be gleeful that the Supreme Court is hearing a case now that could dismantle a big part of Obamacare by taking away subsidies from people who buy insurance through state-based exchanges set up by the federal government (as a result of those states' refusal to do so). Though I still believe there is little chance they will prevail, if they do, the dream-come-true can - and will - quickly turn into a nightmare for the GOP as they are forced to deal with 7.5 million Americans - mostly white and mostly southern - lose their health insurance at the stroke of a pen.

A small group of Republican judges on one circuit court comes out with an entirely political ruling on Obamacare, and it fills up the airwaves like fresh cow manure fills up a closed room. What you are not likely to hear, however, is that the DC panel's Halbig v Burwell ruling attempting to take away subsidies from millions of Americans is in a small minority even among the current court rulings on the matter. But then, viewing TV news for accurate and in-context information is no longer a luxury we can afford.

Between the open and close of the first Obamacare open enrollment period, the number of adult non-elderly uninsured in this country dropped by nearly 10 million, or a full 5 percentage point. The uninsured rate among adults 19-34 dropped by 10 points, or 5.7 million. And across age, prior insurance status and even party lines, newly insured Americans have a positive opinion of their health care. Despite the media's best efforts to present it in a controversial light, Obamacare naggingly insists on being an unqualified success.

After the AP broke a story that 2 million health care consumer's data discrepancies between government records and consumer-provided information are in the process of being resolved, Republicans thought they would manufacture their latest Obamacare scandal by fluffing the storyline with doomsday data of their own. But they just inadvertently proved that the actual discrepancy rate is stunningly low. Oops.