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Sen. Chuck Schumer - the Senate Democrats' "leader in waiting" - joined John "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" McCain today in announcing support for legislation to allow Congress to scuttle the painstakingly crafted Iranian nuclear deal, the outlines of which were published last week. In doing so, Schumer, a backer of George Bush's calamitous Iraq war, chose to betray his country and his president at the behest of a foreign leader (Israeli PM and far-Right nutbag Bibi Netanyahu) to back the global neocon war agenda.

The Washington Post Editorial Board has penned a critic of President Obama's insistence on ending wars that reads like a Neocon wet dream. That's right - the entire WaPo editorial board went full Neocon using lexicons we thought were long retired: "cut and run," and how the terrorists will "wait [us] out." If it weren't so tragic, it could be funny.