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Many have accused Barack Obama of not having a "doctrine", yet the Obama Doctrine is the most fundamental shift in the use of American power. It is the principle that the United States is strong enough to take calculated risks, and we should never abandon diplomatic avenues to resolve conflicts. It is no longer just a doctrine, however. It is now reality - reality that has created a world moving away from threats and into engagement, a reality of new American leadership. And that doctrine and its reality has earned President Obama a new Nobel Prize as he caps his accomplishments with the historic Iran nuclear deal announced this morning.

This morning, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution on giving Congress a vote on the Iran deal. Far from the original hawkish legislation, however, the compromise that emerged after days of lobbying on Capital Hill by administration officials seems to have defanged the war caucus by shortening the review period, giving the president a veto over Congressional objections, and dropping extraneous poison pill provisions.

Sen. Chuck Schumer - the Senate Democrats' "leader in waiting" - joined John "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" McCain today in announcing support for legislation to allow Congress to scuttle the painstakingly crafted Iranian nuclear deal, the outlines of which were published last week. In doing so, Schumer, a backer of George Bush's calamitous Iraq war, chose to betray his country and his president at the behest of a foreign leader (Israeli PM and far-Right nutbag Bibi Netanyahu) to back the global neocon war agenda.

This morning, guidelines of a deal to defuse the Iranian nuclear threat that is the result of an improbably journey this president and his administration embarked on to give peace a chance (and not just lip service) emerged. The framework has left critics relying on rhetoric as they have found little to fault with in the framework itself, and the world (mostly) pleasantly surprised at the result of President Obama's global leadership and diplomatic triump. The agreement is, in a word, airtight. See how.

News is out this morning that Bibi Netanyahu wanted to derail an Iran deal so much that not only did he spy on American negotiators but also passed the information along to members of Congress in hopes of undercutting President Obama. The desperate move backfired, and that along with many others of Bibi's belligerence against the President and, frankly, the longstanding policy United States (including that of a two-state solution), has now made Netanyahu go from a hero to a liability for the Right.

Republicans will never learn that President Obama is always - ALWAYS - a mile ahead of them. The current fiasco they created when 47 Republican Senators attempted to usurp the President's foreign policy powers by injecting themselves in the middle of the Iran negotiations under the guise of a constitutional lesson is not only blowing up in their faces, it may actually end up accelerating the possibility of a diplomatic solution to Iran. Oops.