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Republicans have been screaming about the Constitutional crisis of having a black president exercise executive discretion in implementing the law. But it turns out that the big lawsuit for delaying the employer mandate in Obamacare they announced with so much fanfare remains yet to filed. And a Congressional Research Service report on the matter requested by Republicans in the House reveal why it might never be.

As Republicans flail around the 9th Benghazi "investigation," word is in that the US military has just captured the most wanted terrorist in Libya wanted for that attack. Barack Obama does not bluff. For him, bringing justice to terrorists who do America harm is not a political football. It is his solemn oath, his promise kept.

Republicans are very, very upset that President Obama is once again making it easier for Americans to sign up for health care by making sure that those who are in line by the deadline to complete their applications get to finish them. GOP's fit is a bad attempt to cover up for the catch 22 he has put them in: if they really believe the president does not have the authority to grant this flexibility, they should sue. If they sue, Democrats will have a field day publicizing that Republicans are suing to keep Americans from buying private health insurance!