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This weekend, President Obama struck back at the Left's ideological opponents of trade who seem to be wearing blinders to the fact that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is finally our chance to renegotiate NAFTA and transform to a new paradigm where labor, the environment and human rights are staples of trade, not simply safe-to-ignore side agreements. The President slammed the likes of Elizabeth Warren for questioning his commitment to working people and exposed the lie of a "secret" agreement. Warren and others have scrambled to respond, but have fumbled badly.

It's disappointing, to say the least, to see Elizabeth Warren joining the Left flank's loudest and least informative ideologue part in spreading lies and misinformation about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement being currently negotiated by the Obama administration. Did say lies? Yes. Warren has put out a new call against the TPP at the heart of which are blatant and demonstrable lies about the Left's favorite bug-a-boo about the TPP: its dispute resolution process.

For decades, liberals have sung the praises of international law, international accountability and international pacts when it comes to war, environmental policy and most foreign policy matters. But not so for trade. Now, a key union and liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren have teamed up to try to stop the most progressive trade agreement in history in the name of "American sovereignty". Yeah, thanks for your concern.

Barack Obama is the most consequential and successful president - if not ever, then in most of our lifetimes. An objective look at his policy successes will tell you that. Yet, the media - Left, Right and CNN - insist on cherrypicking coverage, lying and obfuscating facts and history in any way they can to trash the black guy. That's what they are doing right now with the coverage of Elizabeth Warren's interview to Salon - making Obama the whipping boy and ignoring facts, including facts about the interview.

To the Left's ideologues, Barack Obama is a Wall Street charlatan who sold us down the river by enacting a "weak-kneed" financial reform law that just also happens to be the strongest such regulation since the 1930s. To them, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is what they tell us they hoped Barack Obama would be - before, you know, Obama became president and actually started doing stuff. They might be in for a little surprised at today's open embrace by Sen. Warren of that very law.