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This is getting to be a pattern - the GOP can't win presidential elections, and Democrats can't hold their own in midterms. The demographics are undoubtedly shifting to favor Democrats, but we seem to only vote in "sexy" elections (i.e. for president), while Republicans have built an impressive voter base that votes every time. In 2014, Democratic ideas won on the ballot everywhere. Democrats didn't. If Democrats are to stop this death spiral in American politics, Democrats have to stop being ashamed of being Democrats.

As the dust settle from election night settles, two things have become crystal clear: Republicans won, and Democrats lost big by running away from our party's biggest political and substantive asset. The Democratic campaign establishment benched the first Democratic president to win the White House with a majority of the popular vote twice, but expected the Obama coalition to save their hinds. They benched the president whose record has nothing to be ashamed of it. And they lost. 

Between the open and close of the first Obamacare open enrollment period, the number of adult non-elderly uninsured in this country dropped by nearly 10 million, or a full 5 percentage point. The uninsured rate among adults 19-34 dropped by 10 points, or 5.7 million. And across age, prior insurance status and even party lines, newly insured Americans have a positive opinion of their health care. Despite the media's best efforts to present it in a controversial light, Obamacare naggingly insists on being an unqualified success.

For all the hoopla about Tea Party triumph in 2010, one of the most important reasons GOP won that midterm was that closed - and even reversed by a smidgen - the gender gap. In 2012, it swung open again, with Barack Obama trouncing Mitt Romney among unmarried women by 43 points. Women, and specifically unmarried young women, are again thrust into spotlight as the Supreme Court has decided that women's employers may trump women's health care decisions. Targeting the Republicans' open jubilation in that decision, Democrats have introduced legislation to reverse the Hobby Lobby decision, reminding women why 2014 is so critical.

The political backlash against John Boehner's political stunt to sue the President for... being president... has begun to blow up disastrously in the GOP's face. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is well on its way to raise $1 million since Boehner's announcement. So what is making Democrats suddenly wake up after letting the Right control the conversation and make up scandals for so long?