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This is getting to be a pattern - the GOP can't win presidential elections, and Democrats can't hold their own in midterms. The demographics are undoubtedly shifting to favor Democrats, but we seem to only vote in "sexy" elections (i.e. for president), while Republicans have built an impressive voter base that votes every time. In 2014, Democratic ideas won on the ballot everywhere. Democrats didn't. If Democrats are to stop this death spiral in American politics, Democrats have to stop being ashamed of being Democrats.

Feeling anxious about the midterm elections? Feeling helpless because the elections that decide Senate control are happening far away from where you live? There's an app for that! MoveOn is running a GOTV campaign to reach 5 million progressive voters in key states by election day. You can either sit at home, watch polls, and fret, or you can act to change the outcome of the election.

For all the hoopla about Tea Party triumph in 2010, one of the most important reasons GOP won that midterm was that closed - and even reversed by a smidgen - the gender gap. In 2012, it swung open again, with Barack Obama trouncing Mitt Romney among unmarried women by 43 points. Women, and specifically unmarried young women, are again thrust into spotlight as the Supreme Court has decided that women's employers may trump women's health care decisions. Targeting the Republicans' open jubilation in that decision, Democrats have introduced legislation to reverse the Hobby Lobby decision, reminding women why 2014 is so critical.

Within a week after John Boehner announced that he will sue the President of the United States for acting like the President of the United States, President Obama has decided to up the ante: announcing that he will move on immigration after waiting for Congress to act for more than a year, Obama has laid down a dare to Boehner: go ahead, try and sue me on this, he seems to be saying, and the Latino vote will eat your bacon in November.

The political backlash against John Boehner's political stunt to sue the President for... being president... has begun to blow up disastrously in the GOP's face. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is well on its way to raise $1 million since Boehner's announcement. So what is making Democrats suddenly wake up after letting the Right control the conversation and make up scandals for so long?

Last night, Mississippi Tea Partiers were mowed down by Democrats - by black Democratic voters, as Sen. Thad Cochran won the Republican primary after going hat in hand to the state's African American voters. This is the second time in a month Democrats have seriously messed up the pollsters' calculations in GOP primaries. Isn't it time pollsters got off the conventional wisdom bus and realized that Democrats aren't sitting it out this year?

A national union political action committee is sending out mailers in a heavily Democratic California district - supporting the Republican (so as to try to reduce the vote of one of the Democrats)! A big part of the reason union membership is suffering is the far Right's union busting. But if progressives are going to be honest with ourselves, we also have to admit that entrenched interests pulling stunts like this is also a part of the reason.