Hand Size

For years the Republican party has been fixated on the power of the Alpha Male. It really should not come as a surprise that in a recent GOP debate after being accused of having a small hand size that Donald Trump would respond "I guarantee you there's no problem there". Donald Trump has brought the party down to it's most coarse, barbaric, primal and animalistic bottom. In a GOP debate a candidate was actually discussing the size of his manhood.

There was a time not long ago that this idea was more coded than overt. Warring, monetary success and any kind of dominance has been propped up as being the highest value. Competition has been the game and winning, winning, winning at any cost has been the goal. This mindset has given us a bunch of bullies with Donald Trump at the head of the pack now actually bragging about the size of his "hands".

I will say again that this should come as no surprise. We have reached the endpoint of the idea of the Alpha Male. Barack Obama has seen to that. He has presented a completely different idea in both his character and demeanor and in his view of how to relate to the world and how to create policies that are about cooperation and community and not about dominance and the negative aspects of competition. President Obama has changed the direction in which this country is headed and Donald Trump is the backlash. He is the icing on the cake. He is the last dying breath of an idea.

A theme I have often repeated is that this country and humanity as a whole has reached a tipping point. The idea of the Alpha Male has reached the end of it's potential. For this idea to go any further it would take us to the point of self-destruction. Between war, the environment, and the difficulty of individuals keeping up much less getting ahead there is no where else to go if we continue in this direction. The necessity for change has been present.

Not only has the demeanor and the ideas that President Obama caused a backlash but the person who is Barack Obama has been at the root of this backlash. The idea of a successful black man is an idea that runs completely contrary to the idea of the Alpha Male which has been about the dominance of the white male. It should then come as no surprise that in a GOP debate that the discourse would sink to the level of the discussion of penis size when the next likely opponent that the winner of the GOP primary would likely end up facing is a woman and that this woman would be involved in a primary where her opponent is a man who is a bully.

We are likely to be seeing a presidential contest between a man and a woman in which the man will want to dominate the woman with his manhood. We will be confronted with whether we want to evolve and continue in the direction that President Obama has initiated or stay stuck in the past. In this process we will have to endure the attempt of the animalistic barbaric backlash which is in it's death throes. But in witnessing a party that is overtly discussing penis size in a debate surely we have reached the endpoint of an idea and of a party.

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