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The People's View is primarily a political blog, published by Spandan Chakrabarti (that would be me).  I have been participating in online and offline liberal activism since 2003, when Gov. Howard Dean ran for president.  I am a proud liberal and proud American who believes in pragmatic solutions.

The word "view" in the name of this site is not meant to define "opinion." For any blog or blogger to claim to represent "the people's" opinion would be foolish. The word view here is view as in a "bird's eye view" - in other words, perspective. Our goal is to analyze issues with the primary perspective of how totalities policies affect ordinary people, and what it means from that view, or perspective.

This blog is devoted to examining issues from a liberal perspective, on factual bases and on fair analysis.  This site is also deeply zealous about liberal Democratic activism.  At The People's View, we are committed to giving readers as much additional resources (mostly via links) as possible to educate as well as activate.  The People's View is also a public policy blog for reasoned debate and discussion.  At the moment, it is primarily covering issues of economic policy, health policy and civil rights issues.  However, other issues of local, state or national interest will also be addressed.  I am based in Silicon Valley, California; so Bay Area and California state issues may sometimes be of interest.

With respect to other areas of interest, one of the strategies we will pursue is asking guest bloggers with expertise and interest to blog here.  You can see a list of current contributors to this blog on the right column, under the heading "contributors."  If you are someone who would like to contribute, please choose a following method of contact:

Send an email to:

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