Site Upgrade Update - Move This Weekend!

As I mentioned last week here, TPV is moving to a new host, Square Space. It will be going  to Square Space's $16 a month paid service - and I could not thank enough to those who have already chosen to make a monthly contribution as TPV grows. If you can and feel that the content is worth it, join them!

In the past week, I have done trial runs with importing the content, learned how to migrate all the comments, and everything else that will be involved with moving the site. But, as you know, it will all be put to the true test when the real move happens. To that end, here is the announcement:

TPV will be moving from late night Saturday to most of Sunday morning - perhaps all of Sunday. While the site is moving, it might be down, not accessible, etc. etc. So if you experience difficulties with the site beginning tomorrow, please hang with me and be patient. Stay tuned though - new and improved TPV is coming! 

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What's New with The People's View

What's New with The People's View

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