Quick Site Update

I wanted to give everyone a heads up on a site update I have been planning on and working on. Over the next week or so (sooner if I can), I will be working on moving TPV to a new host, Square Space. I will be going from Blogger's free service to Square Space's $16 a month paid service - and I may be asking for your help - but it is the right decision to grow and expand TPV. The new host is renowned for mobile-friendly development and better and more integrated e-commerce (for donations and so forth), as well as up-to-date modern upkeep with the rapid development of the web.

As we move over to the new host, most things for visitors shouldn't change, except a more seamless, smoother, and better design experience including - and especially - on mobile. Comments will remain with Disqus as they are now, so you'll be commenting the same way as well. My understanding is that we should not lose existing comments, either.

I didn't just willy-nilly go and pick a new host. I have done my research, and Square Space has all the right tools for the next step in TPV's journey. Thank you everyone for coming with us as we go through the transition for a better - and hopefully bigger - TPV!

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