In Painful Irony, Snowden Joins "Press Freedom" Group As His Protector Bans Critical Journalist

Things have come full circle as American fugitive Edward Snowden has joined the Board of the organization set up in essence to give him cover (as well as a veritable who's who of cranky white-privileged "journalists" banded together to gang up on a black American president). But if the irony of Snowden joining the Board of his fan club masquerading as a nonprofit weren't rich enough, he did it on the same day that his protector Russia expelled a journalist for being too critical of its leader.

As if to note the thick irony of Snowden joining a "press freedom" organization while being protected under the Putin regime, the Russian government decided to punish the American journalist named David Satter for publishing books critical of Moscow by preventing his return to the country for 5 years.
"I was expelled from the country," Satter wrote on his personal website. "This is an ominous precedent for all journalists and for freedom of speech in Russia."

The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Satter, author of three books on Russia and the Soviet Union, had been prevented from returning to Russia last month after grossly violating visa regulations.

In a website entry, he dismissed the official version of events, saying he had followed all instructions, and he blamed the foreign ministry, which handles foreign journalists' media accreditation, for causing delays that led to his expulsion.
Satter's real offenses are, of course, clear:
In one of his books, "Darkness at Dawn", Satter accused the Federal Security Service (FSB), a successor of the Soviet-era KGB, of being responsible for bombings of Russian apartment buildings in 1999 which killed more than 300 people.

The FSB, which was headed by Putin before he became prime minister and then president, has denied the charge.
Yet, while Snowden's American bootlickers continue to applaud his deep lack of conscience and conviction to face the consequences of his actions under the law (if he really does believe in the principle of betraying his country and releasing highly sensitive documents to the world and likely to Chinese and Russian governments), one can almost guarantee these lovers of selective free press will barely waste a word on Russia's treatment of Satter and other journalists critical of its government. After all, just because you're for a free press doesn't mean you should rattle the cages of the hound dog protecting your darling. Let's not go crazy here.

Just where are Glenn Greenwald's columns about the Russian government tapping (and killing defectors) journalists? Where is the outrage from the "Freedom of Press" Foundation as the protector of their newest Board member decides to ban a critical journalist? Where are the big Leftie organization petitions with 'donate' links about this actual assault on the freedom of the press.

Don't waste your time looking. You won't find it. And therein lies the truth about the pretend-Leftists' defense of Snowden. Their love and admiration of Snowden is not borne of any great love for the freedom of the press, or any principled opposition to government secrecy. If it were, the canonization of a fugitive seeking and accepting asylum from one of the world's most notoriously secretive and anti-free press governments rather than facing a trial with full protections of the American Constitution at home would at some point have become too ironic.

No, rather, their adulation of Snowden is the result of the same condition that sends the right into feverish worship of Sarah Palin: Obama Derangement Syndrome.

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