Obamacare Naysayers Get a Big Lump of Coal

Yesterday, the Obama administration released a report showing improvements in the experience on Healthcare.gov, and the news is devastating. For the Obamacare naysayers, that is. Not only has the administration's tech surge implemented over 400 software fixes and massively increased Healthcare.gov's hardware server capacity, the measurable progress in terms of the user experience is phenomenal. The site is now running at the full capacity of 50,000 concurrent users and 800,000 daily visitors.

Just what does it look like? Let's have a look:

Error rates are down to less than 1% from 6% in October.

Response time (of the system, your time may vary based on your Internet speed) is now below a second.

And uptime is better than 90% (not just the front page but the entire consumer process of completing application).

This stability and improvement in the system is bound to only accelerate the already surging enrollment in Obamacare, not to mention the fact that states that are running their own exchanges (i.e. implementing the law as it was intended) have been seeing eye-popping success in enrollment figures in the last month - both of these surges without even counting the likely Medicaid enrollment surge that is going on.

December is going to be the month when people's experience with Obamacare finally overpowers the constant bloodletting by the GOP and the media on the president's key initiative. Now is the time when the experience of millions of Americans will begin to wipe the glee off the smirking faces of the talking heads. Now is the time when tens of millions of uninsured Americans will finally be able to give themselves the gift of affordable health care.

For this president, it has never been about the political ups and downs, or the media bitching and moaning. Simply put, this president has always been more concerned about making sure Americans who are in desperate need for affordable, quality medical care can get it even if he has to take a beating from the privileged schmucks in Washington and New York TV studios who already have top-notch health care. Barack Obama has always been more concerned about ordinary Americans not going bankrupt because of medical bills than about the political personalities and media stations paid off by the insurance companies that would like to bankrupt Americans.

Those naysayers, this Christmas, are on track to get a big lump of coal. And not a moment too soon.

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