Shocking: Obamacare Refuses to Kill Jobs

If the president had a tough November, he's certainly making up for it this month. Not only has performing at peak efficiency, killing the GOP's favorite anti-Obamacare doomsday talking point, today's jobs report recorded the lowest unemployment rate since before President Obama took office, with 203,000 jobs created in November. Reports suggest that in the first two days of December alone, the national website enrolled Americans at the rate of nearly 15,000 a day, while 1.5 million Americans living in poverty have gained coverage under Obamacare's Medicaid expansion - an advance blunted only by Republican governors' and state legislators' refusal to accept full federal funding to expand coverage.

This must be awkward for the Republicans (and for the Democrats of little faith who began to turn tail and run at the first sign of trouble with the website) - or, it would be if they had any shred of decency left. Their talking points against Obamacare are falling like flies. Not only have jobs been created in the private sector every single month since Obamacare was enacted, just as it is ready to go into full effect, unemployment dips to 7% and new jobless claims have fallen to below 300,000.

I have said this before, and I will say it again: in 2014, Democrats will run on Obamacare and the Obama recovery. Health care reform isn't only going to be a success, within a decade, it will reach Medicare territory in popularity and Republicans will be claiming it as their own. With the website squared away and the economy looking up, the president and Democrats will be able to focus on the GOP obstructionism keeping 5 million low-income Americans from getting health care, immigration reform, and raising the minimum wage. I wonder if OFA isn't already taking steps to stack state ballots with minimum wage increase initiatives, which would bring out Democratic voters like no other issue.

Republicans bet everything on their obstructionism against Obamacare and the economy. They are about to lose both bets, and lose big.

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