The most hated party ever: GOP in worse shape than in 2006

Gallup released polling data yesterday showing that the Republican party now has the lowest favorability of either party since Gallup began tracking party favorability in 1992. The GOP's favorability has taken a nose dive since September (hmm, whatever might have happened between then and now?), dropping 10 points in a month. Just over one in four Americans now approve of the Tea Party-controlled GOP. A whopping 62% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Republicans.

Democratic favorability is also upside down, but not nearly by GOP's margin. They are upside down 42-49 percent.

That makes GOP's net favorability (28-62) a -34, and Democrats' a -7. That is a 27 point favorability gap in favor of the Democratic party. That is a slightly bigger gap in net favorability between the parties at the same point in the 2006 cycle (the last cycle that flipped control of the House from Republicans to Democrats), when the favorability gap was 25 points in the Democrats' favor (D +14, R -11). At that point, the GOP lead Congress had a -40 net approval (26% approval to 66% disapproval), heavenly compared to today's -74 (11% approval to 85% disapproval).

Let's put all of that in a nice, colorful chart:

The House isn't just in play, folks. Republicans have almost ensured Nancy Pelosi will get the gavel back - if, IF - we do our jobs and get out and vote in 13 months.

Already, we have seen evidence that the House may well flip to the Democrats in 2014. Today's Gallup numbers - both on net party favorability and Congressional approval - are much, much worse for the GOP than they were in 2006. So when GOP Congressmen say that they are prepared to lose the House, they may well get their wish.

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