Obama makes the Tea Party cry (uncle)

How do you know that a bully is losing? When the bully accuses you of being a big meanie because you dared to stand up to them. The Tea Party came to Washington with one purpose in mind: to destroy Barack Obama and his presidency. But now that they have gone up against the president and lost again, and again, and again, they have sat down on the floor, spread their feet, swelled their lips, and begun to cry (uncle). The National Journal's Billy House reports:
“The difference is, I don’t think his predecessors have antagonized the other side,” says Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., who was president of the tea-party-packed House Republican freshman class last session.

“Bill Clinton did not intentionally antagonize Republicans,” Scott said. “And I think that most of those [earlier] presidents would have welcomed the opportunity to negotiate. And if they’re right on their points, then certainly they’d want to negotiate.”
Wuaaa! The big black man took my candy! Evidently, asking members of Congress to do their job and pay the check on bills they have themselves run up and to keep the government open is "antagonizing" them. But if we must talk about antagonizing, let's hold a mirror up to the Tea Party, shall we? Tell, Congressman, if you recognize any of the following images:

These are some of more benign things the Tea Party members and rallies said about President Obama. The Tea Party came to Washington to derail not just the president's agenda but to challenge his legitimacy - and not simply as president but as an American. You - the Tea Party - portrayed him as pure evil, and now you're crying that he stood up to you?

Even Congressman "You Lie" got in on the whining:
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., a member of the tea-party caucus who famously yelled “You lie!” to Obama during a speech before a joint session of Congress, was among those who agreed Wednesday with Scott’s view that the president has been too antagonistic.

“Whether it’s personal or not, it’s not good for the country,” said Wilson
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Personal? Really? The Tea Party, at its core a racist entity, is the only one that has ever made this personal against the president for the apparent crime of being president while black.

All the president has done is forced Congress to realize that they need to do their job. All the president has done is to make them realize that he will not bail them out of crises of their own making. All the president has done is to treat traitors in the Tea Party the way they should be treated: we do not negotiate with economic terrorists, and the Tea Party doesn't get to demand ransom in order to let Congress do its job.

The president has given Republicans the opportunity to negotiate. For the past six months, the president and the Senate Democrats have called on the House Republicans to negotiate on a budget agreement, while Republicans dragged their feet and rebuffed the president and the Senate Democrats 19 times, hoping to use the shutdown and the the threat of default as bargaining chips to force the president to gut the social safety net of affordable health insurance for all Americans. It is the Republicans - controlled by the Tea Party - that has refused to negotiate because in their bubble, they believed that the president would cave and they'd get their way, and America would be cheering them on.

Now that it hasn't turned out that way - now that the president has stood strong against the tactic of economic suicide bombing and the public has turned decidedly against the Tea Party controlled GOP - baggers are crying that Obama the big meanie is being so mean to them. They are throwing a tantrum now that even they can see the writing on the wall. Now that they are on the verge of being broken, they have decided to whine about how mean the president is.

Well, they can keep crying and moaning and whining. Actually, this is about the only role that does suit them. They are big babies whose plan to extort the adult in the room fell apart. These are crybabies who do not know how to govern, and have no interest in governing. They came to break America, but the man in the White House turned out to be stronger and smarter than the bunch of them combined, and that is leaving them in tears.

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