How GOP's Desperate Anti-Obamacare Push Backfired and Helped Spread the Word

As Americans rush to check out their options and sign up for their piece of Obamacare, right wingers are desperate to find any straw to grasp. To that end, they have all been hilariously complaining that Obamacare is "not ready for prime time" because - get this - and state exchanges have had glitches due to overwhelming traffic. To follow their logic, the Affordable Care Act is a failure because people overwhelmingly want it. The GOP's main TV propaganda outlet, Fox News, is helping out with a running tally of these glitches, although as far as I can tell, they have no interest in actually getting people signed up.

But the Republicans may have helped the rush of people going to the exchanges, looking up their options, and signing up. For 3.5 years constantly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have consistently and continuously bashed the law, tried to repeal it some 45 times, and blamed it for everything but your kid's bad grades in school.

At some point, if you raise enough stink, people get curious. They want to know what all the freakout and the hoopla is about. When they are constantly being told that the sky is going to fall, you can't blame them for peaking outside to see if the heavens are actually collapsing. The Republicans may have generated bad buzz about Obamacare, but they still generated buzz. And this buzz isn't the kind that can be covered up with the propaganda forever. This is actually about real things happening to real people, and these real people have an actual way to find out what is going to happen to them. There's this thing called the Internet, and there's this central site called that allows people to actually see what they're going to get.

That's where the bullshit begins to fall apart, and the facts start taking hold. That's what is going on today. The Republicans made a big stink about it, and it got people curious to see what all the fuss was about. So they flocked to and their state exchange sites, temporarily crashing a few of them. As Think Progress noted earlier today, Obamacare enrollment is handily beating expectations. California's exchange is getting 10,000 hits per second, and 2.8 million individual visitors (not the same person loading different pages) had flooded before 4 in the afternoon Eastern Time.

What's going to happen as most everyone finds out that Obamacare is making their lives better (whether or not they are on the exchange themselves) to the Republicans' electoral fortunes remains to be seen, but I have some pretty giddy visions about Democratic prospects in 2014.

Sometimes, no publicity is bad publicity. Republicans tried to malign the law in every way possible. They voted unanimously against it, ran in 2010 against it and won a lopsided victory thanks to assistance by emotarian liberals, took it to the Supreme Court and lost, ran against it in 2012 and lost embarrassingly, and kept trying to repeal it all the while. So while a lot of people have been misinformed about what exactly Obamacare does, everyone is keenly informed that there is such a thing as Obamacare. Thanks to the Republican efforts to defund it last minute, people are also informed that it starts today.

Republicans gave the law bad publicity, but publicity that is driving them to find out what it does for them. And thus, you have the overwhelming flocking to the exchanges.

To that end, I suppose we should thank the Teabaggers. Thank you, Teabaggers, for unwittingly being a part of the success Obamacare is on its way to become. Bet that's just eating you up.

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