Whistleblower My Ass: Snowden's Russia Connection Confirmed by Putin

Some time ago, I wrote about a story that Edward Snowden was in contact with Russian authorities well before his arrival in Moscow and while he was still in Hong Kong. Now, Vladimir Putin has confirmed it.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted that Edward Snowden contacted Russian diplomats in Hong Kong a few days before boarding a plane to Moscow but that no agreement was reached to shelter him and he decided to come to Russia on his own without warning. [...]

“Mr. Snowden first appeared in Hong Kong and met with our diplomatic representatives. It was reported to me that there was such an employee, an employee of the security services.
Putin then went on some blathering rant about how he told Snowden to lay off the US (uh huh) and how he's not protecting Snowden but he just wants Obama to negotiate a transfer or an extradition treaty, but the most important thing remains that Putin has now publicly acknowledged that Snowden sought Russian help from the get-go, following which, he arrived in Russia, and was eventually granted asylum.

But if you ask Snowden's worshipers, this in no way shows that Snowden willingly took Russian shelter or that he gave or sold US intelligence to Russia. Because you know, the Russian government said so - a peculiar stand for people who do not believe that evidence of meta data collection doesn't also mean that the government is reading your emails and listening to your phone calls without a warrant. Apparently, Putin's government is to be trusted; Obama's, not so much.

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