Glenn Greenwald Promotes Racist, Anti-Government Hate Group

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It should come as a surprise to exactly no one who's been paying attention to Glenn Greenwald's relentless posturing against the United States and specifically his venom against President Obama that he would do this. To mark the 12th anniversary of 9/11, Greenwald decided to grace is followers on Twitter with a piece in the far-Right Ayn-Randian magazine Reason, and to boot, that article just happens to promote a racist group named the "Oathkeepers."

Here's the twit's tweet:

And here's the ad it was promoting:

The "Oath Keepers" are an extremist right wing, anti-government militant organization that earned a prominent mention in the Southern Poverty Law Center's report on militia hate groups in their opening year, and the SPLC reported this year that the Oath Keepers, for their conference, hosted such lovely groups as the John Birch Society and the invitation adorned with conspiracy theories and racist code-words all over itself.
There will be a workshop on colloidal silver — a substance that many on the radical right believe is a cure for all kinds of ailments that the government has kept secret from the people. In fact, the substance has no known medical use and, if used with the frequency that some radicals do, turns human skin blue.[...]

There will be representatives from the John Birch Society — a primary proponent of the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory, the idea that fluoridation of water is a Communist plot, and the charge that President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a Communist agent. Also scheduled to attend are Sheriff Richard Mack, a long-time darling of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement who has been encouraging county sheriffs to resist federal gun laws, and Chuck Baldwin, a far-right pastor and “constitutionalist” who moved to Montana several years ago to battle the incursions of the federal government.[...]

Also featured will be training sessions on hand-to hand combat, nighttime military patrols, survival firearms, and preparation of “bug-out bags” — all of these an obvious reflection of the radical right’s obsessive fear that the government is about to move against the American people, seizing their guns and ending liberty
Beautiful. Want to hear it in the Oath Keepers' own words?
“If you’re concerned about the future of America, if you’ve awakened to the peril facing our American heritage, our Judeo Christian way of life and the very existence of our future as a nation, if you realize the importance of preparing for an uncertain future and striving for a self-sufficient lifestyle, then there will only be one place to be,” a promotional radio advertisement about the rally says.
"Perils facing our American heritage" is an unmistakable and recognized code phrase for "them black and brown folk are taking over", and of course the "Judeo Christan way of life" is the most prominent code phrase referring to the Muslims and gays (and gay Muslims! Nooooo) recruiting your children.

It is no shock then that someone like Glenn Greenwald - a worshiper of Rand and Ron Paul (both racists) and a nasty Obama basher - would promote this hate group. No surprise at all.

But but. He only pointed it out because it talked about an ad praising Ed Snowden (the object of Greenwald's current anti-government fascination) and bringing awareness to NSA spying! No, it's not. As we have pointed out on multiple occasions, Snowden's "revelations" of perfectly legal, privacy protected activity is not in "keeping" with any oath of public service, and peddling paranoia is no way to have a national debate on privacy and security.

And the choice of the delivery vehicle matters. When a hate group holds up Snowden's work, Greenwald should be worried about the connection of Snowden to the real, radical, racist, anarchist agenda of this hate group. He would be, if he believed Snowden has done anything patriotic beyond lining the pockets of Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. But he is simply their cash cow, so pimping this to stir up hate is just fine by them.

When the interests of a supposed civil libertarian aligns with that of a racist militant hate group, one of them is not authentic about their beliefs. And in this case, the hate group, unfortunately, is the authentic one.

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