Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Praises Edward Snowden? THEY LIE

I had a real WTF moment yesterday.  The old twitter stream lit up with news of  icon John Lewis praising Edward Snowden, covering him with the laurels of the civil rights movement comparing him to Gandhi. 

The story originated from The Guardian the source of  Edward Snowden’s public relations media so I should have taken it with the same grain of salt I have when they've dropped bombshell after debunked half true old story bombshell.

Guardian article

 I should have but I didn’t I actually believed it for a day, until John Lewis himself had the chance to speak about the statement.

 “News reports about my interview with The Guardian are misleading, and they do not reflect my complete opinion. Let me be clear.  I do not agree with what Mr. Snowden did.  He has damaged American  international relations and compromised our national security.  He leaked classified information and may have jeopardized human lives.  That must be condemned.
  “I never praised  Mr. Snowden or said his actions rise to those of Mohandas Gandhi or other civil rights leaders.  In fact, The Guardian itself agreed to retract the word “praise” from its headline.
 “At the end of an interview about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, I was asked what I thought about Mr. Snowden’s actions.  I said he has a right as an individual to act according to the dictates of his conscience, but he must be prepared to pay the price for taking that action.  In the movement, we were arrested, we went to jail, we were prepared to pay the price, even lose our lives if necessary.  I cannot say and I did not say that what Mr. Snowden did is right.  Others will be the judge of that.”
Is it just me or is the half life of these stories down to about 12 hours?  The real problem is that to many John Lewis' actual feeling and words will never penetrate, and they will continue to appropriate a civil rights legacy fraudulently.

A curious ability internet reporting has over print in that the evidence of your gross manipulation of the story is only in those who cared enough to take screen shots.  What can I say?  Let’s make an over under on who will be the first to say John Lewis was influenced by the evil Obama?

Namaste Friends.

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