Republican Congressman Dances on Trayvon's Grave, Trashes Obama #gopracism

Never underestimate the modern GOP's full-bore racism and their ability to put it on display just when a grieving nation is coming to grips with a justice system that utterly failed to deliver justice for an unarmed black child that was shot and killed by an armed racist vigilante. Not even half a day passed from the tragic Zimmerman verdict when the Republican Racist Caucus' (I'm sorry, the "Tea Party" Caucus) shining white knight Steve King found a way to bash the president and to rub salt on the wound of the Martin family, all at the same time.
"The president engaged in this and turned it into a political issue that should have been handled exclusively with law and order," said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, on Fox News Sunday.

While local authorities prosecuted the case in Florida, King also told Fox that "the evidence didn't support prosecution, and the Justice Department engaged in this."
Translation: how dare the uppity n---- react humanly to this tragedy? The President of the United States, according to the GOP, had no right to comment on the death of an innocent teeanger who was killed by a killer who racially profiled him. The President of the United States had no right to point out that if he had a son, that son would look like Trayvon Martin. The President of the United States had no right to call the nation's attention to the fact that when someone who looks like what the president's son would look like can suffer Trayvon's fate, we are far, far from a post-racial society. No, the President of the United States had no right to do that. Why? Because he's black.

Ask yourself: would Steve King be saying this if George W. Bush had said that a white girl who'd gone missing (or worse, been murdered) looked like one of his daughters? Forget Steve King. Forget George W. Bush. Would anyone would even bat an eye of disapproval if a white president had said a missing or dead white child looked like their own?

Of course not. No one would, and no one should. That's where racism has taken the Republican party. In their world, black people not only do not have the right to be president, or to walk down the street without the fear of being gunned down by racists, black people - and people of color in general - do not even have the right to connect to a tragedy with the most basic of human connections and human sentiment. And a black president (who's illegitimate because he's black) certainly does not have the right to command the nation's attention to the severe forms of racism that still exist in our country - personal and institutional.

Because anyone who doesn't meet the criteria white, conservative, dominionists set to evaluate the rest of us - but especially black people and people of color (even more specifically black men and men of color) have no right to be human. Because if they are, the racists' most potent weapon - dehumanizing men of color and turn them into scary, violent animals - falls apart.

Steve King is a known racist. But you know what's sadder? He isn't the only one that thinks that way in the Republican party. He has company. In fact, he has enough company that no one of significance in that party will even come out and openly and strongly condemn his racist diatribe. They are a party dedicated to exploiting white racism at the best, and fueling them and enabling them.

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