God Complex: Paragon of Transparency Ed Snowden Seeks Asylum in Secret

Supposed anti-secrecy organization Wikileaks has just announced that Edward Snowden is seeking asylum in six more countries, except this time, he's doing it in secret.
“Edward Snowden has applied to another six countries for asylum,” said the tweet from anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, which is helping Snowden and has one of its staffers with him in Moscow.

They will not be named at this time due to attempted US interference.”
Now that no country seems to want his sorry ass, blame "US interference." Can you spell 'hypocrite?' I am pretty sure though that the Wikileaks worshippers will tell us that Snowden is a private citizen, and the issue is entirely different when a private person wants keep their own affairs secret than when a government does.

So here is my question for all the Snowdenizens: do the peoples of these six countries have the right to know whose asylum requests their governments are considering?

Consistent with your extreme anti-classification views, should these six governments have to disclose to their peoples (and therefore, the world) that they have received an application of asylum from a fugitive charged with espionage? And if inside sources from all of those countries divulge his applications to the press, will Wikileaks pursue the defense of those leakers with the same vigor it is advocating for Snowden?

Somehow, I doubt it. Something tells me that Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and Wikileaks only believe in government transparency when it harms the United States and helps America's enemies (even if everything disclosed is thoroughly legal), and that they do not care to apply their self-described "anti-secrecy" principles to themselves or the governments that they find friendly.

You see, in the demented minds of these self-appointed heroes of transparency, they and their allies are above the rules, even laws. That's why they proudly give TV interviews after becoming fugitives from law. They believe that because in their minds they are performing some sort of a public service, that they need not be subjected to the rules of us mere mortals. They do not believe that they are mere heroes - human heroes become examples by subjecting themselves to the laws - even ones they believe are unjust. But these self-coronated thugs believe that they should not be subjected to laws, and not even the same rules that they set for everyone else. This, my fellow humans, is known as the God complex.

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