Open thread - GOP chaos edition

A few bits from around the newsy web:

From Talking Points Memo: Top GOPer ‘Extremely Disappointed’ With Decision To Pull THUD Appropriation Bill.
House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) blasted leadership's decision to pull a transportation and housing bill off the floor on Wednesday, after severe cuts included in the legislation prompted the defection of a group of Republican moderates.
Greg Sargent: Mitch McConnell struggles to reassert control over GOP caucus
Tomorrow the Senate is set to vote on whether to end debate on the big transportation and housing bill that has been working its way through the Senate. The vote is a key test as to whether Mitch McConnell is truly losing control of his caucus as a bloc of Republican Senators indicates a willingness to break with the GOP leadership and join with Democrats in governing.
More Sargent: GOP leaders refuse to level with the base about Obamacare
What remains striking here is that, by keeping this possibility on the table, Republican leaders continue to feed the delusion that the threat of a government shutdown gives Republicans leverage over Obamacare. In political and substantive terms, this is complete nonsense. In political terms, it’s a loser. In substantive terms, a government shutdown would not stop Obamacare funding in any case. GOP leaders know this, but continue to keep the possibility alive, anyway.
And as a palate cleanser, a little bit of shade thrown HuffPo's way by the President: Obama defends Summers, tells Dems: Don't believe everything in HuffPost
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) said Obama told the Democrats "not to believe everything you read in The Huffington Post," a reference to the liberal website that's been critical of Summers's record.
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