News Open Thread: #gopsurrender edition

Get some popcorn, everyone. Republicans are hopping mad at their leadership's complete surrender on filibuster of President Obama's executive branch nominees.
“There wasn’t any deal. They got what they wanted. We basically rolled over,” said Senator Richard C. Shelby, Republican of Alabama. “What changed is the Democrats threatened to change the rules, and they got the agreement without changing the rules.”

“Senate Republicans preserved the right to surrender in the future,” Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, said on his Twitter feed.
More, please!

In other news:

  • Just when the Republicans are down, the president decided to rub some salt into that wound by going on the offensive on health care reform. If you haven't watched the president's speech, here it is:

  • Republicans won't tell you, but American credit just got an upgrade, thanks to deficit reduction under President Obama.
  • A military judge said that the government has provided enough evidence to make the charge of 'aiding the enemy' stick against Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning. Manning and anti-American apologists are having a meltdown.
  • The House just held a hearing on the Voting Rights Act and how to respond to the Supreme Court gutting it.
  • Snyder-appointed city-dictator has filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy protections for Detroit.
That's all, folks. Enjoy the open thread. What are you reading in the middle of the night/early this morning?

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