Ed Snowden Seeks Asylum in the Privacy Paradise of... Russia!

So, that happened. Edward Snowden, the howling Left's new hero and fugitive from the law has sought asylum in a new country - the privacy paradise that is Russia.
The Interfax news agency says a Russian consular official has confirmed that National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden asked for political asylum in Russia.

Interfax cited Kim Shevchenko, the duty officer at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s consular office in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, as saying that Snowden’s representative, Sarah Harrison, handed over his request Sunday.
Obviously, there is no better place for a privacy lover who is angry at the government's power to collect intelligence to go than Vladimir Putin's Russia. Either that, or Snowden wants to play footsie with a geopolitical adversary of the United States with all the secrets he's stolen.

Make this an open thread, folks. I am going to be a little busy today, but I will try to put up another extended piece later.

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