A Direct Timeline of Glenn Greenwald, His Front Group and the Fugitive Edward Snowden

About two weeks ago, I wrote that should Edward Snowden be caught, and he revealed under quesioning that Glenn Greenwald had not just reported on his leaks but instigated them, then Greenwald himself would go from journalist to thief, and thus could be prosecuted. Glenn Greenwald has vigorously denied instigating Edward Snowden to gather and leak classified American national security information, even though Snowden himself has admitted to getting his last job with the specific purpose and intent of obtaining classified documents to leak, and we know that Snowden began that job after his initial contact with Greenwald.

After Snowden fled to Hong Kong, he was interviewed by Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Poitras, described by the pro-Snowden outlets as simply a "documentary filmmaker," has another title. Not only did she admit to being in contact with Snowden in the same time period as Greenwald, she is a close friend and confidant of Glenn Greenwald's.

Greenwald and Poitras sit on the board of a group together - a fact they do not disclose during their on-camera interview of Snowden, or its write-up in the Guardian. This all-white Board of Directors head an organization, "Freedom of the Press Foundation," launched in December of 2012 that seem to be devoted entirely to Glenn Greenwald's pet causes and issues. In other words, it seems to be a front group from Greenwald and his radical libertarian agenda rather than having anything to do with any actual freedom of the press.

Go to their front page right now, and they have a fundraiser to fund a stenographer for Bradley Manning's trial. Go to their blog and pretty much every single entry has to do with how the NSA is coming to get you, or the "heroism" of one of Greenwald's pet causes: Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, and the biggest hero of them all, Greenwald himself. And the blog entries that do not directly address the "heroism" of leaking national security information for our enemies to see do their best to gin up paranoia about how the gubmint is coming to get you.

But I digress. This Greenwald front-group's connection to Snowden doesn't end with Greenwald and Poitras. It extends to the group that is now acting as a legal shield for Snowden, providing him with a lawyer, as well as submitting asylum applications on his behalf: Wikileaks. Wikileaks is listed as the top organization receiving support from the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

So let's quickly put it in a summary timeline and see if it makes any sense:

  • December 2012: Greenwald front-group Freedom of Press Foundation is launched, with both Greenwald and Poitras as Board members.
  • January 2013: Edward Snowden contacts FPF Board member Laura Poitras.
  • February 2013: Edward Snowden contacts Greenwald himself.
  • Feb/March 2013: Snowden begins work at Booz Allen with specific intent to collect documents that he could turn over to Greenwald and Poitras.
  • June 2013: Snowden flees to Hong Kong.
  • June 7, 2013: Greenwald publishes story in The Guardian.
  • June 9, 2013: Poitras and Greenwald publish video of Snowden, celebrated as king of a 'coming out party' for the traitor.
  • June/July 2013: FPF's top featured supported organization Wikileaks takes over legal representation and asylum requests for Edward Snowden.
Is it a coincidence that the Freedom of the Press Foundation was set up a mere month before Snowden suddenly appears on the screen and begins contacting its Board members for a scoop? Is it a coincidence that Snowden then gets a job in order specifically to obtain documents he would need to drop the story? Is it a coincidence that Wikileaks established a positive relationship with the Freedom of the Press Foundation before it took on the cause of Ed Snowden?

Maybe. Maybe it's all a coincidence. One hell of a coincidence.

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