President Obama Pokes the GOP in the Eye

Republicans thought they won one over the President by forcing him not to nominate Susan Rice to be Secretary of State, because, you know, BENGHAZIIII!!! But you really don't want to screw with Barack Obama like that. The President just promoted Susan Rice to National Security Adviser.
Hailing her longtime role as a “trusted adviser,” President Barack Obama formally named U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as his next national security adviser on Wednesday.

Obama tapped Rice, a target of Republican criticism in recent months, to succeed Tom Donilon; the president also nominated Samantha Power, a longtime foreign policy adviser, to take over Rice’s role at the United Nations.
In the president's national security and foreign policy teams, the National Security Adviser plays a pivotal role, often the crucial role of integrating the two. The president's words were carefully chosen, but not minced.
Susan was a trusted adviser during my first campaign for president. She helped to build my foreign policy team and lead our diplomacy at the United Nations in my first term. I am absolutely thrilled that she'll be back at my side leading my national security team in my second term," he said.
So far, the Republicans have tried and failed trying to turn Benghazi into a scandal rather than a tragedy. Thus far, we have learned that:

Susan Rice is of course an impeccable pick for the post. But the President wasn't just making a brilliant leader for his national security team. He's sending the Republicans a message - or it could be read as something of a dare: there is no Benghazi "controversy," and if you people think you can use it to gin up a scandal, you're messing with the wrong administration. The president knows that there is no scandal to be had, no matter how much Rand Paul may pray to his Aqua Buddha for one.

The pick could well be a result, at least in part, of Republican intransigence in blocking the possibility of Rice becoming Secretary of State, and quite possibly as a thumb in the eye for Republican sham hearings on Benghazi. The President knows that this high profile pick will irk Republicans and maybe they will go out on some more idiotic tare about Benghazi, consequently only embarrassing themselves some more. He knows that the Republicans hate him, and he may well be using that hatred against them.

The president, of course, does not need this position to be confirmed by the Senate, and Republicans are left completely without any power to stop it. Will that make them crazier? It probably will. Please proceed, GOP.

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