Big Day for Equality: DOMA Struck Down, Prop 8 is History! SCOTUS Marriage Decisions Open Thread

Word just came in that the United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision written by Justice Anothony Kennedy, has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. Prop 8 is next. I will be live-updating, and a piece on the decisions is upcoming later today.

DOMA: The Supreme Court has struck down DOMA, ruling that the federal government cannot treat couples who are already married according to the laws of their state differently just because of the gender-makeup of the couple. Read the DOMA decision.

Prop 8: The Court has dismissed the challenge to a lower court's decision on striking down, saying that the defenders of Prop 8 do not have legal standing to bring the case. Prop 8 is hereby history. Marriage equality is now legal in California. This is also a 5-4 decision, but with Roberts on our side rather than Kennedy.

Before I conclude the open thread, I do want to point out the leadership of President Obama. The president declared his support for marriage equality on my birthday last year. His DOJ refused to defend DOMA - in fact they argued that it is unconstitutional, as well as supported our side on Prop 8. The true heroes of today are the people who fought it, but this president has been vindicated for being our fierce advocate.

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