Medicare is Sacred, Medicaid Expansion is Meaningless; Contradictions of the Anti-Obama Liberal

The weekly outrage alarms have been set to orange alert as talk returns of potential reforms to Social Security and Medicare. Liberal commenters are out in droves with their tired gripes about Obama's weak and Republicanesque leadership. But I can't get over the contrast and contradictions of their statements.

First, they say the top 1 percent has taken over, they are SO POWERFUL. But then, they assert that President Obama could easily have _________ and we'd have thwarted their interests. Which is it? Are the 1 percent incredibly powerful or are they a tweak or two from being brought to their knees by the just right words from the leader of the executive branch?

Second, they say the Affordable Care Act was a corporatist sell-out, even though it expanded Medicaid to cover those at 133% of the Federal Poverty Line. This could provide insurance to 20 million more people. It's a Republican idea they say, even though it has Bernie Sanders' provision for $11 billion for new community health centers, that's $11,000,000,000. For those of us that are rightly worried about austerity, that kind of smart government spending should be news to cheer. As should the trillion dollars over ten years that is expected to be spent on this Medicaid expansion.

Next we hear that the expansion of Medicaid is so weak that Democrats should be abandoned (in 2010 and now), but Medicare and Social Security CAN NOT BE CHANGED IN ANY FORM. How can Medicare and Social Security be forever-Democratic-nirvana but a bill that expands Medicaid is Republicanism never to be forgiven?

The truth is the top .1% do have extraordinary power that is distorting our economy and politics to give them ever more wealth and power at our expense. They aren't an overton window shift away from being put into place. In 2007, the six human beings who are heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune had a net worth of $87 billion, equal to the wealth of the bottom 30% of the population. Forbes says that number in 2012 was up to $115 billion. Our wealth is flying to the hands of the top few and demand is suffering as most people don't have enough to spend to fuel a strong and growing economy. The biggest company we as a nation allow to exist is built on; climate destroying goods from overseas, below living wages and benefits for employees, and the degradation of mom and pop stores. That's the horror story. The law that's going to save my neighbors from going bankrupt due to a rare medical illness is not the problem. In any other time that sort of reform would be called progress and be cheered by people who label themselves progressives.

EDITED: My original version said that the funding for community health centers had been expanded by $50 billion dollars. The real number was $11 billion from the Affordable Care Act. I got my numbers mixed up, 50 was the number of health centers in each Congressional district that would be funded with the funds.

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