Jan Brewer "The Human Cost of this Tragedy Can't Be Calculated"

Today Jan Brewer begged her party to allow Medicaid expansion in Arizona.
on Wednesday morning, flanked by Arizona public health officials on the steps of the state Capitol, Brewer begged reticent GOP lawmakers — many of whom showed up in black to protest Brewer’s decision — to look past politics and understand the human and financial toll that failing to pass the expansion would instill on Arizonanas. “The human cost of this tragedy can’t be calculated,” Brewer said. “Remember, there is no Plan B.” Brewer estimated that 50,000 low-income Arizonans would lose health coverage without the expansion.
Brewer is one of the growing number of Republican governors that has accepted reality. The governor must have realized that Arizona citizens will be paying for Medicaid expansion either way, so they might as well get something for it. Jan Brewer's conversion leaves 13 Republican governors sticking to their guns and denying Medicaid expansion.

Will Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett be the next to flip? It might be a good way to cool off recent headlines about gifts the Governor accepted from lobbyists.

Today Penn Democrats filed an ethics complaint
HARRISBURG — The State Democratic Party filed an ethics complaint against Republican Gov. Tom Corbett on Tuesday, citing a news story that he and his wife had accepted more than $11,000 in gifts from business leaders and lobbyists.

The complaint asks the state Ethics Commission to conduct an investigation to determine whether the gifts — including Pittsburgh Penguins hockey tickets for the governor and an inaugural gown for first lady Susan Corbett — led to the "possible improper influence" of government policy.

The complaint cites a story in the Philadelphia Daily News as the basis for the request for an ethics investigation. Using Corbett's public ethics disclosure statements, the Daily News reported "a pattern" in which Corbett made five policy decisions or got involved in issues after he or his wife received free travel, tickets to sporting events or shows and other extras totaling $11,343.

I continue to be impressed with the design of the Affordable Care Act. It avoids John Boehner's oversize gavel by funding through excise taxes and savings that are written into law. Now it wedges the interests of honest conservatives, hospitals, and activist groups against ideologue governors, who never otherwise would be interested in progress by government.

What's next? Will Corbett flip? Will the Arizona and Florida legislatures stand in the way of expansion? Whatever happens, the trend is moving in our direction. As the deficit hawks try to push us towards austerity, it's great to see that they can't stop the trillion dollar expansion of Medicaid. It's also encouraging to see that the work of Ted Kennedy isn't just enduring it's gaining friends.

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