Horrible Terrible Anti-Israel President to Receive Israel's Highest Civilian Honor

Well, this is going to be inconvenient for Republicans who have been lamenting just how anti-Israel Barack Obama is. Israel's president has chosen our president to present this year's highest Israeli civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Distinction.
[Israeli] President Shimon Peres will honor US President Barack Obama with Israel’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Distinction, just as Obama conferred the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian award, on Peres at a presidential dinner in Washington in June.
And why is the president of Israel choosing President Barack Obama for this honor? Well, I will let his office speak for itself.
Barack Obama is a true friend of the State of Israel, and has been since the beginning of his public life. As president of the United States of America, he has stood with Israel in times of crisis.

During his time as president, he has made a unique contribution to the security of the State of Israel, both through further strengthening of the strategic cooperation between the two countries and through the joint development of technology to defend Israel against rockets and terrorism.
That 'joint development technology' is the Iron Dome missile defense system President Obama referenced during last year's campaign when Mr. Romney's campaign tried to tar and accuse him of being hostile to Israel. In fact, President Peres is so impressed with President Obama's commitment to Israel's security that his advisory council for this honor was unanimous in recommending the American president with a Jewish first name that means 'shine.'

Whatever are the right wing crazies going to do now? How do you call a president who is being awarded Israel's highest civilian honor for his commitment to Israel's safety anti-Israel? How do you tar and feather that president's nominee for Secretary of Defense with the same label after the President of Israel himself pours cold water all over your conspiracy theories like that?

I will be awaiting responses from Lidsay Graham, John McCain, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, et al. All I hear is crickets, though.

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