GOP's SOTU Response: How to Say "F*ck You" to Americans in Spanish

We've got more news on the Republican path to political oblivion: Sen. Marco Rubio will deliver the response to President Obama's State of the Union address next Tuesday, in both English and Spanish. Obviously a way to pander to Hispanic voters without actually doing anything for them, this reminds of the GOP's Sarah Palin syndrome. People aren't dumb - we don't vote for chromosomal likeness, nor for linguistic commonality. We vote values. The Republican party's current policy position on working people, people of color, minorities and women - F*ck you - sounds pretty bad regardless of the language used to say it.

Republicans nominated a woman and lost the women's vote in 2008. They nominated a Catholic and lost the Catholic vote majorly in 2012. I mean, sure, it's impressive that the face of the GOP has gone from a winking moosehunter who had trouble with one language to a young "gun" who is fluent with two, but if the Republicans believe that Rubio's fluency in Spanish can mask his affiliation with the crazy wing of the Republican party, he's no less delusional than Sarah Palin.

Just a few fillers on the actual policy positions of the GOP's "new" face:
  • Marco Rubio is avowedly anti-choice.
  • Marco Rubio supports the discriminatory federal marriage amendment and opposes the Employment Nondiscrimination Act.
  • Marco Rubio supports ending all taxation on the Mitt Romney class (i.e. eliminating the capital gains tax).
  • Marco Rubio is super pro-gun industrial complex.
  • Marco Rubio supports raising the social security retirement age, cutting benefits, and destroying the social safety net.
Yeah. You can say that in Spanish too.

Go ahead, use this as a SOTU Open Thread.

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