Right Wing Gets Fits After Republican Surrender On Fiscal Cliff

So last night, after the fiscal cliff deal passed, I went to a couple of right wing sites to see what they were saying. Okay, fine. I was being a sadist. But man, oh man. Is there a full meltdown on the wing-nut-o-sphere. Here's a little sampling.

Red State:
The McConnell Tax Hike by Eric Erickson

... The Republican Establishment in Washington, DC should be burned to the ground and salt spread on the remains. Republicans who saw Mitch McConnell and John Boehner destroy the last plank of the Republican Party are going to need to look elsewhere for a savior for their party.
Joe Scarborough:
I sympathize with Morning Joe, but it's not safe to assume a floor to wingnut stupidity, which lost the GOP this round of negotiations.

Charles Krauthammer got this about right from the conservative perspective: it was a complete surrender by the Republicans to the president, he said.
Look, there are a lot of conservatives in the Republican caucus in the House who hate the bill, and for good reason. This is a complete surrender on everything. The ratio of tax hikes to spending cuts is 40:1 rather than 1:1, or 1:2 or 1:3. So, it was a complete rout by the Democrats. 
Uhh. Yes. You conservatives just got routed out.

Pat Buchanan biographer Tim Stanley:
The Republicans basically surrendered on spending.

...What did the GOP settle for in 2012? An estimated $1 in cuts for every $41 in new taxes.

And a few choice remarks by other "luminaries" in the conservative "movement."

The wingnut-o-sphere is in complete disarray, and I am loving it!

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