Video: Deaniac83/Spandan On Radio Debating Chained CPI

So here is my segment with Daniel Marans, the Policy Director of Social Security Works, on the subject of Social Security and Chained CPI. Alex Lawson, the Executive Director of SSW who was originally scheduled for the debate, had a last minute scheduling conflict. Here is the video:

If you are having trouble viewing it, the full video is on Youtube, and my segment starts around 1:35:00. Hope you enjoy it. Get the facts here. I just thought it was interesting that Social Security Works official position on fixing Social Security seems to be to wait till it's almost unable to pay benefits, and we have a Republican president. Yeah that will work, I'm sure.

And by the way, it goes without saying that I accept David Shuster's invite to appear again, possibly next week if he wants!

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