Because the President Won Re-election...

32 million additional Americans will gain health insurance, instead of about 70 million losing it.

Health insurance companies won't be allowed to drop you because you get sick, or discriminate against you because you have a pre-existing condition.

Employers will not be allowed to inject their moral beliefs into the health care choices of their employees.

International family planning funding won't dry up just because the groups receiving the funding discuss abortion as an option (though not pay for it with US funding).

Federal student loans won't be handed over to banks with an extra subsidy.

The first federal agency focusing on consumer issues will not be killed in its infancy, and instead allowed to become the strong, pro-consumer regulatory agency it was meant to be.

Wall Street will not be given carte blanche to play Russian Roulette with your money.

We will not be giving tax breaks to the uber rich on the backs of the middle class, the working class, students, the poor, and everyone else.

Medicare will not be voucherized.

Social Security will not be handed over to vultures on the Wall Street who can pick off individuals who are vulnerable.

Our troops really are coming home from Afghanistan.

Abortion will continue to be a safe, legally protected medical procedure for the foreseeable future.

We will have a president who supports a Constitutional Amendment overturn Citizens United, and more importantly, more Supreme Court justices will be appointed who may be able to overturn it in the court.

Never again will we tell some soldiers that they cannot serve the country they love because of who they love.

We will not be dismantling the Federal Emergency Management Agency or sending its functions to the states or the for-profit sector.

We will continue to invest in our country, as a country.

We will continue to move this economy forward.

We will continue to make our country a better place.

Thank you, Mr. President. Let's get to work!

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