Sunshine Patriots and Fair Weather White Guys

by nancy a heitzeg

The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Where were the Great White Liberal
WhalesPundits following Mitt Romney's sweaty serial lie-fest of last Wednesday??

Were they busily fact-checking his lie a minute "performance"??

Were they bemoaning his bullying tactics? Questioning his cheat-sheet?? Speculating - a'la Jack Welch - that he seemed higher than rigged BLS job numbers??

Were they decrying the disgusting deployment of a very vicious "Father Knows Best" Patriarchy that will cut off your Big Bird kids to save literal pennies for writing his rich friends a tax cut??

Were they, great fair weather fighters of racism, asking (as Chris Rock did) if Mitt Romney just called the President a "boy"??

Oh No..

Confusing a Presidential Debate with a hockey game, they were outraged!! outraged!! that the President did not leave Romney's blood on the ice.

Unable to escape the lure of patriarchal show of force metaphors, they uniformly abdicated any claim to either journalism or liberalism and defaulted to tantrums.

White Man 101

A "stunned" and red-faced Ed Schultz foamed at the mouth and metaphorically broke shit.

Chris Matthews was in full melt-down, fantasizing that Hardball is somehow the equivalent of Kill Bill I and II. "We have our knives out!!!!"

Michael Moore concern trolled Twitter, alternating calling for a touchdown or a drone strike.

Bill Maher, who apparently believes his $1 million contribution now entitles him to call the President "Barry", suggested that Obama show Romney his gun.

Andrew Sullivan apparently felt personally "jilted" and was eventually reduced to the counting of eye-blinks.

Oh course.. White Men know Best..Arm chair quarterbacks, back-seat drivers, always second-guessing. Their own guy.. Especially the First Black POTUS.

Isn't it fascinating how quickly these supposed "allies" turn the minute that the women or people of color don't do it their way?? Even if their way is wrong???

There are others ways to "fight" and win without punching someone's lights out. Anyone who has followed the career of Barack Obama should surely realize this by now. Especially those who are paid to do so.

It is already clear that Obama refusal to bring up the "47%" at the debates denied Romney the opportunity to "apologize" to 68 million viewers. It is already clear that Romney Lies and Save Bird are the emerging theme of the debate.

And there will be more. Some of us -- especially those not intoxicated with the White Man Way - knew that..

So, some advice to the Fair Weather White Guys.. There is another debate coming up next week.

Let the first words out of your mouths post-debate be Ryan Lies. Because He Will -- as always. Who the hell cares if he looks like Great White Hunter or comes out in cammo?? He Lost.

Let me put this in your vernacular.

Chill the F*&* Out.

Get a F*&^ing Grip.

Don't say you're an ally and then punk us out. Women and People of color are tired of cleaning up your messes.

Do your job..

Or we'll do it for you.

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