Shameful: Huffington Post Politicizing President Obama's Response to Sandy

We wonder what gives political candidates the brazen oomph to bill campaign stops - in which they play their candidate's bio video - as 'storm relief' events. One of the things that enables that is the sad state of our media. We have political "journalists" who see nothing but politics in everything someone does. Sam Stein of the Huffington Post became the prime example of it this morning. The president canceled campaign events in Ohio scheduled for tomorrow in order to stay in Washington, DC, to monitor the emergency response to superstrom Sandy, while Mitt Romney will continue to politic in Florida.

So what is Sam Stein's take on this? Why, it must be a political move on the president's part!
WASHINGTON -- The politics of Hurricane Sandy are obviously difficult to game out. But the White House has clearly decided that it would look uncomfortably partisan for the president to be on the stump while the federal government was managing a massive natural disaster. And so, on Tuesday morning, the administration announced that President Barack Obama would be off the trail on Wednesday, canceling a swing through the critical state of Ohio.
No, Sam. The White House hasn't "clearly decided that it would look uncomfortably partisan for the president to be on the stump" while the government is managing a natural disaster of calamitous proportions. The President has decided that staying in DC and monitoring every minute of federal response is more important than campaigning, even if it is a week before the elections. The President of the United States is doing his job, Sam Stein, something you might want to start doing as a journalist.

Sam Stein is hardly alone in the beltway media to be doing this, of course. Perhaps it would do our country a service of political reporters stopped reporting on the hurricane for a while. Maybe it would be a good idea for the political reporters to stop questioning the president's motives of staying in DC while leaders in states - Democratic and Republican alike - are thoroughly impressed with not just the federal government's handling of this emergency, but with the president's personal attention.

The federal government, the effected states, localities and disaster relief organizations - and the American people - are all coming together to respond to this tragedy hitting countless of our fellow citizens. The only ones standing on the sidelines and trying to inject politics into the massive, mobilized response are the Romney campaign and the likes of Sam Stein and Huffington Post. Shame on them.

You know what, Sam? If you can't report without your beltway politics colored glasses, get the fuck off the keyboard for a while. Grab a mop and stop flinging shit. You owe the president an apology. I am so disgusted by this stuff, it's beyond words.

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