#SchoolingRyan Open Thread

Did you see it? Did you? Did you see Joe Biden thoroughly clean Paul Ryan's clock, steamroll him, and then back up just to make sure? The media thinks Cheney's performance in 2004 "reset" that race. If that's true, tonight was a monumental disaster for the Romney-Ryan campaign, as well as for the conservative movement. Biden floored Ryan on everything: on national security and foreign policy, on the economy, on Medicare, on absolutely everything.

Ryan waffled and stumbled on nearly everything. Biden was in command of the facts, and he called Ryan out like the petulant kid he is.

Remember that Joe Biden said at the DNC that Barack Obama got to see the depth of his loyalty over the past four years? Well, we got to see it tonight. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. Aw the hell with it. Thank you, Joe!

Anyway, have at it! Open thread.

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