Mitt Romney Squirms from 'Romnesia' Sting

Oh, Romnesia stings. It got under Mitt Romney's skin. If you have been living under a rock the past couple of days, here's the quick and dirty on Romnesia: the President, campaigning in Viriginia on Friday, introduced a new term for Mitt Romney's condition of abandoning his own policy positions at the speed of light: Romnesia.

Apparently, the sting was a little too much for Mr. Entitled:
"The Obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign," Romney said at an oceanside rally here with his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan. "This is a big country with big opportunities and big challenges. And they keep talking about smaller and smaller things."
He thinks the president is being "petty." Here's a news flash, Mitt. If what the President said didn't have a way of cutting to the bottom of the problem with your incredible dancing candidacy, you would never have spared a thought on it. The fact of the matter is, this campaign is about big things. Here are just a few big things the President pointed out in describing your Romnesia:
  • You are openly lying about your own tax and spending plan that will immediately add $8 trillion to the debt and all you have offered to close the gap was defunding Planned Parenthood and killing Big Bird.
  • The country is still waiting to hear whether you would have signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
  • You are for really big government - government big enough to monitor every pregnancy in the country, and you are for letting employers block women's access to contraception.
  • You are running on the promise of taking health care away from 32 million people, letting insurance companies run the table by denying people based on pre-existing conditions and dropping them when they need insurance the most.
In short:

So, Mr. Romney, pay attention. There is nothing petty about the President pointing out your attempt to con the American people the same way you conned the companies and employees you devastated while you ran Bain. There is nothing petty about reminding the country that you have shamelessly advocated for an employer determining what kind of health care one can get, for a budget that would have decimated programs for those who need a hand up (be they students, the working poor, the disabled, the elderly or the unemployed), for the end of the American auto industry, and that your first step to reducing the debt is to add $8 trillion to it. There is nothing petty about not letting you get away with you pretending now that you haven't been running for the past six years as a severe right-winger.

This isn't petty. This is dead serious.

This is literally a dead serious choice between a Commander in Chief who has ended a war, is ending another, and killed bin Laden and a foreign policy buffoon who openly discouraged going after bin Laden. This is a dead serious choice between a candidate who was more concerned with scoring political attacks when our embassy was burning in Libya and a President whose goal from Day 1 has been to get to the bottom of the tragedy and hold responsible those who attacked us, in a situation much more complicated than 30-second soundbites. This is a choice between a President respected by our allies and feared by our enemies and a bumbling idiot who trips all over himself going to the countries of our closest allies.

This is a dead serious choice between a President who has taken us from the brink of the Second Great Depression to a growing economy with 5.2 million new jobs over the past two and a half years and a severe liar who is trying to sell us the same snake oil of tax cuts and deregulation that got us into the mess. This is a dead serious choice between a President who, as his first legislative act in office, signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and a petty man whose answer to equal pay is a lengthy description about binders full of women. This is a dead serious choice between a President who delivered on health reform and an entire political party that wants to take it away and return control of the system to insurance companies.

This is a serious choice between a President who has cut Medicare's costs while expanding its benefits (free preventive care, closing the donut hole) and a quarter-billionaire who aims to turn Medicare into vouchercare. This is a choice between a President who has rescued an entire American industry and revived American manufacturing and a vulture capitalist CEO known for his investments in companies known to be pioneers of offshoring. This is a choice between a President who ended discrimination against gay patriots and the nominee of a party whose primary voters booed a gay veteran.

Yeah, it's serious. What you're afraid of, Mr. Romney, is not that the president used a clever word to describe your pathetic attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters. What you're worried about, governor, is that it was a brilliant enough phrasing that it might just expose the truth about you to the voters, before the election.

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