Oh, Great! CNN's "Debate Polling" Only Tracks Old White Southerners

Oh, Didja hear? Dijjah? 67% of voters who watched the debate, according to a CNN/ORC survey conducted pre- and post-debate, thought Mitt Romney "won" the debate, while only 25% thought Barack Obama did. At least, that's how CNN is billing it. But some of us got curious. Some of us wanted to look at the poll's internals, so to speak. I got a look at it. I just wanted to know who they polled.

Ready for this? Here we go:

Notice anything there? Yeah, me too. Their survey is so good that it only kept track of white people, older people, non-liberals and southerners. The others? N/A. Not applicable. Not that N/A means that they avoided calling non-whites, young people or non-southerners, but it makes you wonder, who were they polling? They certainly didn't find it important to keep track of anyone other than the old white southerners, aka the pre-desegregation south's electorate. Disgusting.

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