What #RomneyShambles Looks Like, In Charts

If you looked at the poll released from the Pew Research Center yesterday, there are a lot of things for Obama supporters to be pleased (but never complacent) about. President Obama leads by 8 points among likely voters,  But perhaps none more glaring than this one:

That's a 19-point gap among women in favor of Obama among registered voters, and the gap is 18 points among likely voters. Among men, Romney leads by 1 point, smaller than the margin of error.

Women aren't Romney's only problem, of course. The President holds a 45-point lead among registered Latino voters (69% to 24%), a lead that grows to 50 points (72% to 22%) among likely Latino voters. Romney's support among black voters remains in the margin of error, and President Obama beats him by 93% to 2%. In contrast, Romney's lead among white voters have shrunk to seven points. With this kind of a disaster among minorities, Romney needs to beat the President by more than 20 points among white voters to get to the White House. The problem for him is that half of those white voters also happen to be women.

Obama leads by almost a 20-point edge among moderates (55% to 37% among registered voters, and the lead actually grows to 22 points - 58% to 36% when only likely voters are taken into account). While Obama has a more than 80-point lead among liberals (90% to 6% among likely voters), Mitt Romney's lead among conservatives is much smaller, at 45 points (Obama 25%, Romney 70% among conservative likely voters). Partisan advantage is nearly equal for both candidates, and the candidates are essentially tied among independents. Just as a much greater number of voters identifying as conservatives help balance the numbers in Romney's favor despite a much narrower lead for Romney among conservatives than for Obama among liberals though, the registration advantage for Democrats help tip the scale in favor of the President, despite the partisan divide being equally strong on both sides.

The issue and trait identifiers are just as bad, if not worse, for Mr. Romney. Obama has a devastating 43 point lead among who voters think connects well with ordinary Americans - 66% say Obama does, as opposed to only 23% who say the same about Romney. Here's what it looks like on that front:

There is no way Mitt Romney can win an election if he is losing women by 20 points, moderates by 20 points, and Latinos by 50 points. This is disaster territory for him. And the worse part is that this survey was conducted between September 12 and 16, after Mitt Romney's fiasco of stupid comments on the Middle East, but before the tapes emerged of him speaking to his donors about half of America that is lazy, government-mooching peasants.

So, is Mitt Romney's goose cooked? And if not, why not, one may ask. What is keeping this bumbling fool in the running for the leader of the free world? Answer: Money. This race would be over if we had any shed of fairness and truth left in our national media. It would be, if our media wasn't feeding off of the ad frenzy for which the money ends up in the coffers of our 'media.' Mitt Romney's goose would be cooked if we did not have a Supreme Court that subscribes to the perverse notion that the right to buy an election is protected by the first amendment. So, here's another chart that explains why Romney's lying, petulant, out-of-touch goose is still has a ways to go before it's completely cooked.

Outside groups alone have spent nearly a quarter billion dollars already in this year's presidential race, and the spending overwhelmingly favors Mitt Romney. Put another way, here is the spending of the top outside groups: Republican groups are colored in shades of red, Democratic ones in blue. See if you can notice a pattern:

So no, this race isn't over. Mitt Romney's campaign is in shambles, and their candidate is blabbering around like a fool. But never, ever underestimate the power of raining cash to make a campaign in shambles look palatable. We have to keep on working to re-elect Barack Obama. We have to keep working, keep knocking on doors, keep registering voters, keep making phone calls.

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