Mitt Romney's Fumble and President Obama's Staying Power

Mitt Romney and the entire Republican party has built their electoral strategy around two key themes: lies and hatred of President Obama. So much so that Mitt Romney felt it necessary to attack a US embassy while it was already under attack by a foreign enemy and while a US ambassador was killed. But the reviews are now out from Mitt Romney's disaster, and he's fallen flat on his face, according to two polls out today.

The Pew Research Center poll conducted over the weekend sees Mitt Romney's comments on the crisis in Libya, Egypt, Syria and the other places in the Middle East come in at a 26% approval, and a poll conducted for the Monmouth University Polling Institute by Survey USA has approval at 25%. Fully 48% disapprove of Romney's blabbermouth in the Pew poll. The Pew poll gives President Obama's handling a 45-36 edge, while Survey USA puts him at 39-27, with the caveat that the rest are not aware of his response.

Apparently, no one likes a petulant bumbler when it comes to foreign policy. Survey USA also polled the overall election, as well as other issues, and with Mitt Romney's disastrous performance on foreign policy last week and a convention stolen by old man talking to empty chair, President Obama has also pulled ahead overall as well as the crucial issue of the economy, where more voters now trust Obama to do a better job. Actually, he's ahead among registered voterson every issue polled:

If we had anything close to a fair media environment and if money weren't able to masquerade as 'speech' in our elections, this race would be over by now. Mitt Romney has no business going anywhere close to the Oval Office. He has proven himself to be a hot-headed psycho on foreign policy and a steal-from-the-rich-to-give-to-the-poor purist on economics policy. He's shown himself to be an extreme social radical that wants to insert the government as well as an employer between a woman and her right to make reproductive decisions.

But we don't have a fair media. Money IS able to masquerade as speech. So work remains to be done. Let's go get it done!

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